The Connected Apple Family - Jeff Carlson

The Connected Apple Family

By Jeff Carlson

  • Release Date: 2014-12-15
  • Genre: Operating Systems


While most users know how to accomplish the simple tasks with their Apple devices, the elementary stuff just scratches the surface of what Apple’s products have to offer. Apple users have more power than they know, and with a little know-how, they can tap into a much richer experience, using their devices as Apple designed them. From keeping track of family members’ locations at an amusement park to sharing apps, music, and videos across devices,  this book will show users how to tap into the magic of their Apple devices

Readers will learn how to:

Take control of our devices’ security from managing passcodes to—shudder—locating a lost device.Communicate with family and friends, including with audio clips, and create have multi-person chats.Enjoy iTunes, iBooks,and App Store purchases across a family’s devices.Share apps, learn about the Ask to Buy feature, and even disable purchases on devices.Take advantage of photo sharing through the cloud.Effortlessly share calendars and contactsBack up the whole family’s data.Use their devices to find their family and friends.Set restrictions and parental controls for kids
In Apple’s ecosystem, the sum is greater than the parts.