Brother Hermitage in Shorts No1 - Howard of Warwick

Brother Hermitage in Shorts No1

By Howard of Warwick

  • Release Date: 2013-04-16
  • Genre: Humor


A short story from The Chronicles of Brother Hermitage.

Once upon a time there was a medieval monk who solved crime. No, not that one.
This is Brother Hermitage, a medieval monk who happens to be around when crimes get solved.

His full length mysteries, The Heretics of De'ath and The Garderobe of Death are available on Kindle. The Tapestry of Death is coming soon.

In this tale Brother Hermitage entered a hostelry to escape the cold and could not possibly imagine the bizarre situation he would find. No, really, he has very little imagination.

If you are looking for a serious exploration of the period, a considered evaluation of the moral imperatives of eleventh century England, you are in entirely the wrong place.

In fact, if you take your history at all seriously, you are advised to move on.

"Like Cadfael visits Discworld"

'Laughed till I cried' (twice)

'Fresh and very funny'