Torture and Resistance In Iran - Comrade Ashraf Dehghani

Torture and Resistance In Iran

By Comrade Ashraf Dehghani

  • Release Date: 2012-02-23
  • Genre: Politics & Current Events


... all the heroes of the masses who, martyred under torture, or facing murder squads, raised the red flag of their cause,
... all those dedicated revolutionaries, who died fighting the enemy of the people, and watered the tree of our people's liberating revolution,
... all the political prisoners whose resistance and fortitude strengthen the people's front, and to all those warriors of the masses, who have joined the path to people's liberation ... the path of revolution.
Iran, my land, from the Gulf, streaked with blood, to your tall, proud mountains, rabid dogs rave
Iran, my land, look how the ugly hyenas plough clots of blood in your rich soil, look how the clear water from your depths, is sucked into the sewage that is imperialism,
But, Iran, my land, I vow, I vow to answer, the silence of your night, with the clamour of bullets; the darkness of your night, with the flame of bullets; and the cold of your night….

Ashraf Dehghani

In February 1971, the Organization of Iranian People's Fedaee Guerrillas (O.I.P.F.G.) initiated the armed struggle in Iran by attacking the gendarmery at Siahkal in Northern Iran. This battle, although militarily a defeat, was an important political victory. Ever since, many revolutionary groups and elements have joined the armed struggle movement and hundreds of revolutionaries have been brutally executed or killed in armed clashes with the regime. Frightened by their heroic struggle, the regime utilized all of its forces to suppress the movement. Imprisonment, torture, and execution were furiously used. 
Comrade Ashraf Dehghani, a prominent member of the O.I.P.F.G., was arrested in 1971 and savagely tortured. She succeeded in breaking out of the maximum-security prison and later rejoined the organization. During this time, she wrote her memoirs, which have been translated into English under the title, Torture and Resistance in Iran. 

The Organization of Iranian People's Fadaee Guerrillas