The Perfect Smile (A Jessie Hunt Psychological Suspense Thriller—Book Four) - Blake Pierce

The Perfect Smile (A Jessie Hunt Psychological Suspense Thriller—Book Four)

By Blake Pierce

  • Release Date: 2019-10-15
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers
Score: 4.5
From 581 Ratings


In THE PERFECT SMILE (Book #4), criminal profiler Jessie Hunt, 29, fresh from the FBI Academy, is assigned a disturbing new case: a woman in her 30s has been murdered after using a dating website for her affairs with married men.

Had she gotten too close to one of the married men?

Was she the victim of blackmail? Of a stalker?

Or was there some far more nefarious motive at stake?

The list of suspects takes Jessie into wealthy, manicured neighborhoods, behind the veil of seemingly perfect lives, lives which are actually rotten to the core. The killer, she realizes, must lie behind one of these fake, plastic smiles.

Jessie must plumb the depths of his psychosis as she tries to both catch a killer and hold her own fragile psyche together—with her own murderous father on the loose, willing to stop at nothing until he kills her.

A fast-paced psychological suspense thriller with unforgettable characters and heart-pounding suspense, THE PERFECT SMILE is book #4 in a riveting new series that will leave you turning pages late into the night.

Book #5 in the Jessie Hunt series is now available for pre-order!



  • Sort of suspenseful but not worth it..

    By Remphus1
    If you’re reading this series expect a lot of the book to be regurgitation of the previous books. I feel like half of this book was a recap of the previous books. So about 125 pages of new information.. at $5 a pop and I can get through one a day, well it’s a good thing for her we’re in QT..
  • Good book but needs better editing

    By JeannineW
    I have enjoyed the page turning series so far, but was disappointed in the number of typos or word mix-ups through this particular book that suggested less attention in the editing process.
  • Yet again - bad editing

    By whozon1st
    Good story marred by bad editing. Shame on you! The premise is ok, predictable but still compelling. What is it with you Blake? Every review I read, EVERY review, comments on editing. Even on any of your other books. Yet we continue to buy, read, and complain. Maybe it’s our faults for letting you laugh you way to the bank. Will I read the next one? You bet I will! #LouBob1
  • Grammar is a mess

    By Tine486
    I don’t think I’d keep reading if it wasn’t for being quarantined. The grammatical errors are atrocious. This is clearly not proofread. Also, I see a lot of the “gotchas” coming many chapters ahead. It’s a mindless read to pass the time.
  • A perfect smile

    By trinatmk
    This is a good story but the grammatical errors in all of this series is too much. I can’t keep reading them for that reason. They need to be proofed.
  • The Perfect Smile

    By 6161maui
    This was actually a pretty good book.
  • Great Read

    By adkins1234
    I really enjoyed this book. I have been waiting a while for this one to come out and it did not disappoint!
  • Good read...

    By Niko Marie
    The fourth book in the Jessie Hunt series was probably the most suspenseful yet. The idea of hunter vs. prey, father vs. daughter is seen throughout the book. There are also several unexpected twists that will keep you questioning everyone and everything until the very end.